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Options Trading Videos

I've collected here all the free options trading videos that I've posted on YouTube. In addition, I am listing here the videos currently for sale as well. This offers one place to go in order to access all the videos I've provided.

I've attempted to provide both an organization and some basic introduction to each of the strategies. You'll find there's a logical progression to these videos.

Videos For Sale

There are now several videos that will provide much more in depth coverage of options strategies, particularly focused on spreads strategies. Due to the length and effort required to put these videos together, they will be made available for a small charge. The goal is to provide videos in this category are both affordable and that offer value that far exceeds the cost to purchase them. Stay tuned as more get added.

Introduction to Options Spreads
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This is the first video in the series that is intended to lay the groundwork for understanding spreads of various kinds. It covers why premium selling is preferred to premium buying and how spreads are constructed.
Mastering Short Vertical Spreads
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I'm very excited about this. Many know that the short vertical spread is my favorite options strategy. This video covers many different aspects of trading short vertical spreads, including approaches to selecting strike prices, creating entry and exit rules, trade management, back testing and more.
Mastering Calendar Spreads Similar to the short vertical spread video, this video will provide in depth coverage of the calendar spread strategy.
Mastering Iron Condors Stay tuned...

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WebEx Live  & Recorded Sessions

A relatively new offering at Success With Options is live sessions. For the low cost of $18, you can attend a live session, participate in the discussion and keep a copy of the session for future reference. If you didn't attend the session but would still like a copy, you can purchase them after the fact for $12.

Date Session Title & Description Register/Purchase
Recorded 8/12/2014
Technical Analysis for Options Traders
This hour session offers tips for technical analysis tools for improved timing of entry and exit of spreads trades. We introduce different technical analysis concepts and highlight ones that may be best for options traders.

This recording is offered in MP4 video format for simplicity of viewing.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate     Length: 1 hour

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Short Vertical Spreads Entries and Exits
This hour and a half session focuses on different entry and exit strategies for short vertical spreads. We'll examine strike selection, position sizing, entry timing, exit rules and more.

This recording is offered in MP4 video format for simplicity of viewing

Level: Intermediate     Length: 1 1/2 hours

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Portfolio Management
This session focuses on a number of topics related to portfolio management including:
  • how many trades to have open
  • balancing the portfolio for market bias,
  • using portfolio greeks to make additional trade decisions 
  • using the Analyze tab to assess possible adjustment strategies

This recording is offered in MP4 video format for simplicity of viewing

Level: Advanced        Length: 1 1/2 hours
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Calendar spreads entry & management
Calendar spreads can be a complex spread to trade. In this session, we cover the following important topics:
  • When they make sense - key characteristics
  • Ways to analyze potential profit
  • Entry & exit strategies
  • Management (rolls and adjustments)

Level: Intermediate     Length: 1 1/2 hours


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How Live Sessions work

Live sessions are delivered through a platform called WebEx. This platform allows you to attend live presentations hear the presenter and see what what he is presenting as it's being delivered. In addition, you can interact with the presenter by raising your hand & asking questions verbally or by chatting questions into the chat panel. This offers a unique opportunity to tailor the session to your needs and get your specific questions answered.

If you are signing up for a live session, the sign up process works as follows.

  1. Add the session to your cart and check out,
  2. You will receive an email confirming the purchase followed by another email containing instructions with a link to the WebEx session and your meeting password.
  3. Keep this email handy for the day of the session.
  4. Approximately 15 minutes prior to the session start, use the link provided to access the session. Provide your name, email and meeting password to start the session.
  5. Approximately a day or so after the session, you should receive an email containing a link to download the recorded session.

If you'd like to see other topics covered, feel free to make suggestions & recommendations at this feedback form to have your say.

Free Videos on YouTube

I've collected and organized the following videos, which are posted on YouTube and available to watch for free.

Vertical Spreads (Credit Spreads)

Short vertical spreads are one of my favorite trade strategies. What I've collected here are a series of videos that detail the strategy and illustrate by placing a trade and monitoring its progress.

Vertical Spread Overview This video provides an introduction to short vertical spread concepts
Vertical Spread Trade Entry The second part of the overview actually demonstrates trade entry, including analysis and setting up exits using the trading platform.
First Trade Review Midway through the trade evaluation including technical analysis for consideration of possible trade management
Second Trade Review/ Trade Close This is a post-trade review discussing the trade behavior and final results and using a trade log and trade journal.

Calendar Spreads

Calendar spreads are a much more complex strategy, both in terms of understanding entry and exit and in how you calculate potential profit. Because calendar spreads are more complex, I've devoted more videos to this topic.

Calendar Spread Overview Part 1 This video provides an introduction to calendar spread concepts including analysis on the trading platform.
Calendar Spread Overview Part 2 This is a continuation of the previous video that concludes the analysis and trade entry
First review and roll This is a trade analysis as the trade approaches the first expiration date. This video includes entry of information in a trade journal.
Second review Review of the position as it approaches the last month, including determining the optimum time to roll or close.
Final review and close This video brings to a conclusion the calendar spread trade and
Calendar Spread Trade Mgmt This is a follow-on video that talks generally about trade management of calendar spreads
Advanced Calendar Spreads Part 1 I started a new pair of videos to go into more detail on calendar spreads. This first video focuses on climate for entry, and using calendar spreads to adjust a portfolio.
Advanced Calendar Spreads Part 2 This second video looks at calculating roll values in much more detail. In addition, the video covers trade close.

Diagonal Spreads

Diagonal spreads are actually interesting beasts. As I mention in the strategy page, the diagonal spread is actually a combination of a calendar spread and a vertical spread. As such, they share many of the complexities of the calendar spread.

Diagonal Spread Overview This video provides an introduction to diagonal spread concepts.
Diagonal Spread Trade Entry The second part of this overview demonstrates trade entry including trade analysis and entry on the platform using thinkOnDemand.
Diagonal Spread Trade Management This video goes over management and close using thinkOnDemand to review a prior trade that I had listed as a trade tutorial.

Iron Condors

Iron condors are a nice neutral strategy that is really made up of two vertical spreads. This is another one of my favorite strategies.

Iron Condor Overview This video provides an introduction to the iron condor strategy.
Iron Condor Trade Entry The second part of the overview demonstrates trade analysis and entry using the platform.
Trade management This video covers various trade management techniques for iron condors, particularly when one side is overrun.

Miscellaneous Videos

In addition to the strategy specific videos, there a a couple of videos that cover more broad topics.

Premium Selling This video an overview of why many professional options traders prefer premium selling
Portfolio Management This video demonstrates portfolio management techniques including overall portfolio analysis using the option greeks.
Finding Optionable ETFs Shows how to use the thinkorswim platform to location ETFs that have options based on a minimum options options volume.
Desktop Setup A video outlining the way I prefer to set up my desktop, including the different charts I use and how to configure them.
Probability Study Setup This short video shows the use of a nifty study available with the thinkorswim charts that allows you to overlay a probability cone that effectively gives a projection of the probable price out in time.

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