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Mastering Short Vertical Spreads Video

It's finally here!! The 'Mastering Short Vertical Spreads' video I've been talking about for some time. I get a lot of questions from subscribers to the newsletter and visitors to the website asking for more detail. This video is an in-depth coverage of one particular strategy - the Short Vertical Spread.

Here's what you'll find in the video

  • An overview of the mechanics of the short vertical spread, discussion of strike selection, coverage of different entry and exit rules, how to manage your trades, back testing and creation of a strategy to fit your own style.
  • There is over 3 hours of material provided here in easy to consume sections.
  • Each section includes detailed demonstrations of the concepts using one or more platforms, hands on practice tools that allow you to simulate going through the steps without having to actually have an account at a specific brokerage.
  • Each section includes review questions to allow you to test your understanding of the topics.
  • The sections are easy to navigate using menus to allow you to jump right to the seciton you want to view. This is perfect for times when you want to go back and review a specific point.

By the end of the video you should have a solid understanding of how to construct a short vertical spread, how to determine entry and exit rules, how to manage your trades once entered and how to craft a trading system around this strategy.

Here's a quick preview of some of the video features.

Why a video?

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from visitors of the YouTube Channel where I provide quite a few free tutorials and short instructional topics. I decided to put together more in-depth set of instructional videos to allow newer traders to go to the next level.

This video is very interactive and includes not only video content but follow-up quizzes and  interactive tools that allows you to experience first hand the use of the OptionsXpress trading platform and the thinkorswim platform.

While there is no shortage instructional videos and training content out there, many can cost $100s or $1,000s to purchase. I feel strongly that this information should be accessible for a reasonable fee.

What people are saying

Richard - "Thanks for the great, straightforward and simple videos. You do a good job of explaining the in's and out's and reasoning behind spreads in not just this but your other videos. Much appreciated."

Mike - "Of all the videos I've watched and audio recordings I've listened to on options trading, you are the clearest teacher I've heard. It's your clarity that really helps me to learn."

Ann - "I've learned SOO much from these videos. I've gone ahead and signed up for your monthly newsletter. I plan to spend the holiday weekend backtesting short verticals!!!"

Tommy - "I got your Mastering Short Vertical spread video and it's great just like your site. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Bob - "... BTW - I've seen an awful lot of trading videos and yours is one of the best."

Why you should get your copy

If you are new to options trading and the short vertical spread strategy -or- if you just want to learn to trade the strategy more effectively, this video is for you. I personally guarantee your satisfaction or I'll refund your purchace.

This video goes into much more detail than the free videos I've put up on YouTube. This video is designed to walk you through every step of your learning journey as you head towards creating your own personalized trading system based on the short vertical spread strategy.

 Order Now

Don't wait. Get your copy now! This video is only $59!!. That's right... only $59 for over 3 hours of training content!!

What exactly do you get for this fantastic price?

  • Over 3 hours of video content that is easily navigated with a menu so you can jump to any major section and even sub sections of the various sections.
  • Interactive quizzes that allow you to test your understanding of the 6 major sections within the video
  • Hands-on exercises that allow you to try out your new found knowledge in a risk-free environment, kind of like a guided tour. I think you'll find these invaluable as you begin to put into practice the concepts taught in the video.

It's Risk Free!!

Did I mention that this is a completely risk free offer? That's right. It's important to me that you find value in this video. As a result, I'm offering a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. That's three months to try this product out with no risk to you. If you find that this video is not everything I promised OR if  you are not satisfied with the video, simply contact me with your order number and I'll refund the full purchase price - no questions asked (provided you contact me within 90 days of purchasing your copy of the video).

Wide Platform Support

This product comes in two downloadable formats that should enable you to run this video on virtually any platform.

  1. The Windows Installation file will run on most Windows platforms including WinXP, Vista and Windows 7.
  2. The zip file format should able to be extracted on virtually any platform, including Mac OS/X, and Linux.

Either version should result in a set of files installed on your file system from which you can launch the content using your favorite browser. Make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed, which is required to run the interactive portion of the video. Also be sure that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. In most cases this is enabled by default.

Format File size Add to cart
Windows Installation File (WinXP, Vista and Windows 7 only) 330MB Add to Cart
Zip file format (Can run on many different platforms) 330MB Add to Cart

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