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I don't know what your experience with investing newsletters has been.  Mine has been somewhat mixed.  I don't mind receiving newsletters for free that don't offer tremendous value, but when I have to pay a subscription, I have a higher expectation.

What should be expected from an investing newsletter?

I like newsletters that offer a take on current market trends. I receive several of these for free from Red Option. A few other newsletters that offer good information from time to time are the CBOEMarket Watch and Investopedia. Most of these are subscribed to simply by creating an account with them.

I also like to subscribe to newsletters that offer trade ideas, but most of these are rather pricey - and then I begin to expect a lot from them.

That's where I find it valuable when various newsletter services offer a trial period. For a relatively small fee, I can find out if the service is worth the price.  One I found pretty valuable was Mike Coval's Income Trader newsletter. Newsletter emails come out several times a week with articles on not only trade ideas, but also trade strategies and money management.

There are other newsletters that offer more specific trading advice, particularly about when to enter and exit. Many boast good returns but it is important to look back over a fairly long period of time. A nice benchmark I like to use is to see how they performed over this last year or two.

I'll have more specific details and reviews on some of these newsletters as time goes on. Stay tuned...

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