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Introduction To Option Spreads

That's right. This is the the video that I've mentioned in several of the recent newsletters. This is the first video released from Success-With-Options. Many of you have requested more details on spreads than I've provided on the website or the free videos I've uploaded to YouTube. This video is my response. This is the final version of the early access version that I made available in the fall of 2010. I'm excited to finally have this edition of the video completed.

Here's what you'll find in the video

  • A quick overview of options basics just to lay the groundwork for the remaining content. This section will not only help you better understand the characteristics of options but also the limitations of long calls and puts.
  • A discussion of premium selling as an alternative to buying options. This section looks at the flip side of options by considering selling options. You'll better understand both the benefits and the risks of option selling.
  • Why option spreads - and in particular - vertical spreads are a great strategy. This section brings everything together by showing how to use spreads to gain both the advantages of being an options seller with limiting risk. I'll go into some detail on construction of both long and short vertical spreads including trade mechanics.

By the end of the video you should have a solid understanding of option spreads and how to construct both long and short vertical spreads to make money in the market no matter what direction it's trending.

In addition to the video itself, there are section quizzes to test your comprehension of the material and a little intrinsic/extrinsic visualization too. This tool will help you immediately see the impact of adjusting price of the underlying, volatility and time to expiration on the option price. You will also see how the option price is broken into it's intrinsic and extrinsic components.

Here's just a little sample of what's on the video.

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Why a video?

Many people find learning via video and multi-media formats preferable to reading text. I'm actually one of them so this effort was really a labor of love. This video contains many of the key concepts introduced on the website but in a very concise form.

This video is very interactive and includes not only video content but follow-up quizzes and an an interactive tools that allows you to experience first hand the interaction of price, time and volatility on an option's price.

Why you should get your copy

Again, the updated version contains all the feedback provided by the early access users. This version is even better than the initial and contains more dynamic content and better illustrations. You will come away from viewing this video with a better understanding of options in general, the value of selling premium and how vertical spreads work.

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What exactly do you get for this fantastic price?

  • Over 40 minutes of video that is easily navigated with a menu so you can jump to any major section
  • Interactive quizzes that allow you to test your understanding of the three major sections within the video
  • An interactive intrinsic/extrinsic web tool that allows you to see first hand the affect of price, time and volatility on the price of an option

It's Risk Free!!

Did I mention that this is a completely risk free offer? That's right. It's important to me that you find value in this video. As a result, I'm offering a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. That's three months to try this product out with no risk to you. If you find that this video is not everything I promised OR if  you are not satisfied with the video, simply contact me with your order number and I'll refund the full purchase price - no questions asked (provided you contact me within 90 days of purchasing your copy of the video).

Wide Platform Support

This product comes in two downloadable formats that should enable you to run this video on virtually any platform.

  1. The Windows Installation file will run on most Windows platforms including WinXP, Vista and Windows 7.
  2. The zip file format should able to be extracted on virtually any platform, including Mac OS/X, and Linux.

Either version should result in a set of files installed on your file system from which you can launch the content using your favorite browser. Make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed, which is required to run the interactive portion of the video. Also be sure that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. In most cases this is enabled by default.

FormatFile sizeAdd to cart
Windows Installation File (WinXP, Vista and Windows 7 only) 31.6Mb Add to Cart
Zip file format (Requires a zip file extractor like WinZip) 30.1Mb Add to Cart

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