Important Announcement

Important Announcement

After nearly 9 years of hosting success-with-options and just over 8 years of publishing a monthly newsletter, I've made the difficult decision to close everything down. That includes the web site, video store, newsletters - everything.


In reality, I've been finding it more and more difficult to find time to work on the site and keep up with newsletters. That in turn has likely been the cause of lower page hits, which in turn drives Google ad revenue, which is basically what keeps the lights on.

The site has operated on a fairly simple revenue model.

  • Google AdSense - You click on ads that are on the site. This has been slowly shrinking due to lower traffic, but also I suspect less generous per-click payouts.
  • YouTube Video ads - Google recently revoked revenue from videos with less than a certain # of hours
  • Affiliate links - You go to one of the affiliates I offer and make a purchase, commission is paid back to me. There are frankly very few I trust though and payouts have been pretty light over the last year.
  • Video sales - I've offered a number of for sale videos as well as the free ones on YouTube. I had intended to offer additional videos on a variety of deeper options strategy topics but just haven't found the time. Video sales have also dropped off of late, which is no surprise.

The result is that the combination of these sources is just barely covering operating costs on a monthly basis.

The Bottom Line

The ultimate result of all of this is that I'll be shutting down the site, all content and videos over the next month or so. Expect the site to go down by July 1. It's going to take a little time to do that and I don't want to just pull the plug.

This leads me to my last point. I do have several videos for sale and I'll be pulling these as well at the end of June. It actually costs me to host those videos and offer the store front in addition to web hosting, so all of that will be shut down as well.

Closeout Offer

As a final offer, I'm going to make everything available there for 60% off until the end of June. That's 60% off everything in your cart, which is probably the best deal I've ever offered. You can find the videos here. You can obtain your 60% discount by using the discount code closeout2018 in the shopping cart.


I want to close by thanking everyone who's followed the website, subscribed to the newsletter, sent in questions, provided kind and constructive feedback and generally supported this effort one way or another. It's all of you who have kept me doing this for so long and it's the one aspect that has made this a very difficult decision.

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