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You may have seen my videos where I introduce myself as; "Hi there, I'm Mark from Success With Options". Maybe you've found yourself wondering "Who is this Mark guy and what makes him such an expert?" Let me take this page to introduce myself who I am.


I began trading in the market in about 2003 shortly after the .com bust. I really had no background in trading but did have an interest in seeing if it was possible to make money trading. To be honest, I had no real luck as it just felt a lot like guess work.

In 2006 I had an opportunity to attend a free workshop held by Investools. This was the first time I felt like maybe there was something I could learn that would help me be more successful in trading. Along the way, I was introduced to the concept of options and the leverage they offered a trader.

I have to say that the education I received was first rate but I came away with two key observations. First, it seemed like the cost of that education was quite pricy - so much so that it made it impossible for many to receive what I was fortunate enough to have been able to receive. Second, I observed that there were many potential ways to make money in the market but certain ones seemed to appeal more to my personality.

Over the next few years, I developed a system that suited my own personality and style and was doing quite well with it... until 2008. The one thing I was not very big on was money management. When my trades were successful, I did quite well and my losing trades were fairly few. When September of 2008 hit, I got hit hard and it was a wake up call. I realized that a great strategy isn't enough if you aren't managing your money in trades.

Since 2009, I've been slowly but surely growing my portfolio using more conservative approaches that combine technical analysis with defined risk options strategies and good (consistent) money management techniques.

Why Success With Options?

Despite my bad experience in 2008, I had seen enough success to realize that with proper money management I could be successful over the long term. I also felt like there was very little information out there about money management and using conservative predictable strategies to make money with the ups & downs of the market.

From that was born the desire to create a website where I could collect and share the information I had learned. I created the site with several key goals.

  1. People shouldn't have to pay a lot of money to learn the basics of trading.
  2. Keep the information focused on what I've found made me successful and not try to please everyone with every possible strategy and concept.
  3. People learn in different ways so information should be available in different formats.
  4. People don't need another 'get rich system'. They need to learn the foundational concepts that will allow them to be successful over the long term.

I came on the title 'Success With Options' because I believe (as I say on the home page) that it is possible to be successful with options trading. I'm sure there are many ways to do this but I've found for me the keys for me are:

  1. Consistency - predictable options strategies
  2. Good Money management
  3. Technical analysis
  4. Good money management
  5. ... you get the idea

I created the site because it's in my personality to share what I've learned. In fact, in my careers outside of trading I've been a trainer and technology evangelist for several large companies. I decided to take those skills and use them to pass on what I've learned to those who want to learn how to be successful at options trading.

Is All This Really Free?

I get that question a lot so I thought I'd answer it here. The answer is that most of it is. Any pages you arrive at on the site are free to view and use.

Do I make money? Yes. I make money in several ways.

  1. Advertising - you may notice advertisements in various places. I can make money at no extra charge to you simply by placing advertisements and Google adsense links. This basically 'keeps the lights on' so to speak and pays for miscellaneous costs of keeping the site live.
  2. Affiliates - I have chosen a fairly small set of product providers that I believe offer products that are consistent with the strategies I promote on the website and to my knowledge are reputable (although I'm not always happy with their sales approach). When you buy these products, I'm paid a commission.
  3. Videos - I have a few full length videos available for sale at what I feel are reasonable prices given their content. Expect more videos to come.


Who am I? In the end, I'm just a trader like you who has gone through a journey of learning to develop a system that can work for me. I presume you're here because you're trying to do the same.

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