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Success With Options - Monthly Review, Issue #45 -- September 2013 Edition
September 04, 2013

No Newsletter this Month - September Newsletter

There will be no  newsletter for September 2013. I ended up taking nearly the entire month of August off for vacation. This is the first time in 3 1/2 years there has been a gap in newsletters and it seems like a good time to institute what will likely be a trend in future newsletters. That is, I'll take off the month of December (meaning no January newsletter) and one of the summer months as well. You will still have 10 newsletters during the remaining months of the year though.

This leads me to my next (and almost final point). Be thinking about questions and possible topics for future newsletters as that's what keeps things interesting for readers. Feel free to contact me using the Contact Me page or provide feedback using newsletter feedback page.

Finally, I'd like to recommend you use this month to review strategy pages on the website and familiarize yourself with any concepts you aren't comfortable with. In addition, visit the video page for access to free videos hosted on YouTube as well as some available for purchase. In honor of Labor Day, I'm offering 10% off your total purchase through the end of September. Use the discount code labor10 to on checkout to receive your discount.

See you next month...

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